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MIDI-compatible software

List of MIDI Messages

DDJ-S1 Serato DJ Edition works with other MIDI-compatible software besides Serato DJ, by assigning MIDI message.
Please refer to the list of MIDI message to find mapping values of all buttons and knobs.
To assign MIDI message to all software function, please refer to your manufacturers' software manual.
When using this unit as a controller for operating MIDI-compatible software other than Serato DJ, change the setting to use software other than Serato DJ at the utility settings.
For details, please refer to the "Using DJ software other than Serato DJ"
within the Operating Instructions.

Please do not run multiple DJ Software on your computer at the same time.
When switching from one DJ software to use another,
please turn the DDJ-S1 Serato DJ Edition power off and then power back on after software switch has been completed.

For further details of the usage, please refer to the software manufacturers.


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