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This section describes necessary information when you use your CDJ-350 with Serato Scratch Live.


The CDJ-350 is a certified USB controller for Scratch Live from Serato.
The CDJ-350 has a computer control mode.
That mode enables the CDJ-350 to control Scratch Live by connecting your computer with a USB cable.

Those who do not own Scratch Live software, please prepare Scratch Live software.
For details, please visit Serato web site.

Using the CDJ as a Scratch Live Controller

You can control Scratch Live from the CDJ-350.

How to setup (November, 2011)

-Operating Instructions (Windows / Mac OS)
 Connection Guide
 This is instructions regarding to connection and setting of Scratch Live.

-Scratch Live (Windows / Mac OS)

-Driver software (Windows / Mac OS)
 It isn't necessary to install the driver software.
 By using the standard driver software installed in OS, CDJ works only connecting a computer with a USB cable.

-CDJ-350 Firmware (Windows / Mac OS)
 Ver1.08 or later

The internal USB sound card does not work as Scratch Live's audio output device.
You need to use an audio output device comes with Scratch Live or a mixer that equips an audio output device for Scratch Live.


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