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Serato DJ

Verified version
 Serato DJ 1.7.2
 Even in the above verified version, depending on the technical design and usage environment, Serato DJ may not work as expected.
 The above verification may not guarantee all the expected behaviors on Serato DJ.

Serato Flip is now supported.

Serato Flip is available on Serato DJ 1.7.0.
(Serato Flip is separately sold Expansion Pack for Serato DJ.)
Please visit this link to use Serato Flip.

Serato Flip is now compatible with DDJ-SZ.
We finished our evaluation of Serato DJ 1.7.0 on DDJ-SZ.

Please refer to the Serato Flip manual.

For further information on Serato Flip, please refer to the following website:

We have identified that the issue below may occur when using the combination of Serato DJ 1.7.0 and DDJ-SZ.
- Issue: Even though the Sampler mode button is pressed on DECK2 or 4, Sampler mode may not always start.
- Workaround: Press the ROLL or SLICER mode button, then press the Sampler mode button again to activate Sampler mode.
The above issue was fixed in Serato DJ 1.7.1.

Serato DJ Software Download

A function to load tracks from the Files panel of Serato DJ is added. (SeratoDJ) (December 15, 2014 Updated)
When a track is selected in the Files panel of Serato DJ, you can load the track by pressing a combination of buttons on DDJ-SZ.
If you update both Serato DJ to ver 1.7.2 and later and the DDJ-SZ firmware to Ver 1.20 and later, the above function will be enabled.
You can download the latest version of Serato DJ from the Serato website.

Improvement of the jog platter latency for scrathing (May 20, 2014)
The jog platter latency for scratching is improved in Serato DJ Ver 1.6.3 and later.
You need to update the firmware of DDJ-SZ to Ver 1.15 and later
as well as Serato DJ software in order to make the latency improvement effective.
For details, please click here.

Serato DJ software is available free of charge from the below website

Applicable model
[DJ Controller] DDJ-SZ

Please see "DDJ-SZ Operating Instructions" for the Installation Procedure.

Please refer to the Hardware diagram for Serato DJ.

When you first launch Serato DJ, a [BUY/ACTIVATE] icon may be displayed in the Online panel.
Those who use DDJ-SZ do not have to activate the unit or buy the license.
If you connect DDJ-SZ to Serato DJ, you can use the software without buying the license or activating the unit.

Downloading the Serato DJ software manual

The Serato DJ software manual is available from the website below.

Operating environment for Serato DJ

For the latest information on the operating environment of Serato DJ, please visit

-Operation is not guaranteed on all computers, even if all the required operating environment conditions indicated here are fulfilled.
-Depending on the computer’s power-saving settings, etc., the CPU and hard disk may not provide sufficient processing capabilities.
 For notebook computers in particular, make sure the computer is in the proper conditions to provide constant high performance
 (for example by keeping the AC power connected) when using Serato DJ.


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